Highland Games @ Loon Mountain, NH 2014


We spent yesterday at the Highland Games at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire. We expected the weather to be chilly, but it was colder than that.


2014-09-20 00.11.59

Still, it was a great day: athletics, parades and pipe & drum competitions and some events we hope to go back for next year including sheep dog trials and Highland Dancing.

2014-09-20 00.13.17 (2)

2014-09-20 00.14.02 (2)We had worried in advance about access for persons with disabilities, and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found. Most of the event was held on paved surfaces: pretty easy to move a wheelchair around. Most venues had good seating arrangements — if we got to the venue early enough, we could find a spot from we could see the action. And the parking was great. A special lot for those with Handicap plates was set aside and staffed by a good number of persons. Three buses (with raised platform access) ran continuously between the parking lot and the event site. There was a bus ready to go when we arrived in the parking lot in the morning, and when we were ready to go back to the car in the afternoon, we waited less than 5 minutes for a bus. It was, in other words, well-planned and well-staffed.

Thanks to all who helped to make our day a pleasure!