Gen 26-31


Ref Story Words & themes Ref Related Gospel
Gen. 26: 6-33 Isaac says Rebekah is his sister – a fraud which King Abimelech discovers. Abimelech eventually tells Isaac to go away. He farms successfully and has large herds.

Isaac goes to Rehoboth and then Beer-sheba. Abimelech comes to him and makes peace.

Farmer and hunter both.    
Gen. 27 Isaac tricked into blessing Jacob rather than Esau. Rachel helps Jacob make stew and wear hairy arms.

Esau’s “blessing” is to go away from the fatness of the earth, to live by the sword and serve Jacob.  Esau plots to kill Jacob so Rebekah sends Jacob to live with her

brother Laban in Haran. She tells Isaac it is because she does not want Jacob to marry a Hittite woman. (Esau has married two. Gen. 26:34-35)

The eldest falters again.

Hunters lose again.

Gen. 28:10-19 Isaac sends Jacob to Bethuel, to Laban for a wife. On his journey, Jacob dreams of the ladder to heaven with angels going up and down. Jacob wakes up and says, “this is the gate of heaven” and builds an altar. Bethel. (aka Luz)      
Gen. 28:17-22 “This stone shall be God’s house and of all that God gives me I will surely give one tenth.” Pledge drive committees, take note!    
Gen. 29: 1-14 Jacob meets Rachel, Laban’s daughter.      
Gen. 29:15-28 Rachel is Jacob’s first choice. He works 7 years for her and gets her sister, Leah. He works 7 more and wins Rachel.      
Gen. 29:31 to 30:24 Leah gives birth first. Rachel gives her maid Bilhah to Jacob, and after Bilhah has a child, so does Rachel.      
Gen. 30:25 to 31:55 Jacob tries to leave Laban to return to the place of his birth. Rachel and Leah agree to leave. They leave in secret, but Rachel steals a household god. Laban gives chase and searches, but Rachel successfully hid it. Laban and Jacob agree to part and make a covenant.      


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