Gen 20-26


Ref Story Words & themes Ref Related Gospel
Gen. 20 Abraham passes Sarah off as his sister (again) this time to King Abimelech of Gerar. God made Abimelech’s wives barren, and appeared to Abimelech in a dream. Abimelech sent A&S away with flocks and an invitation to settle on his land.      
Gen. 21: 1-21 Isaac is born. Sarah wants Hagar and Ishmael expelled lest he inherit. Abraham, at God’s direction, consents after God promised to make a great nation of Ishmael as well. Sends them into Beer-sheba with water and bread. When the water runs out, God shows Hagar a well. Ishmael grows up in the wilderness of Paran and marries a woman from Egypt.      
Gen. 21:22-34 Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech allowing him to live there (in the land of the Philistines) as an alien.      
Gen. 22:1-18 God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but an angel intervenes before Abraham does. “Now I know that you fear God b/c you have not withheld your only son… Therefore I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars and the sand. Abraham returned to live at Beer-sheba.      
Gen. 23 At Sarah’s death Abraham bargains with the Hittites to buy land in which to bury her. Thus he now owned some land of his own. A toe-hold.      
Gen. 24 Abraham sends Isaac to Nahor, his relatives, for a wife after making him promise not to marry a Canaanite. He married Rebekah.      
Gen. 25 Abraham’s 2nd wife, Keturah, his death, burial by Isaac and Ishmael. Descendants of Ishmael and Isaac.      
Gen. 25:21-34 Jacob (he supplants) and Esau (hairy, red). Twins. Esau the hunter. Jacob quiet and indoors. Esau sells his birthright to Jacob. The eldest falters again.    
Gen. 26 During a famine, God tells Isaac NOT to go to Egypt, but to stay in Gerar, as an alien. And God will fulfill God’s oath to Abraham (making offspring numerous and giving them this land.) Isaac stays.      


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