Gen 12-15


Ref Story Words & themes Ref Related Gospel
Gen. 12:1-9 The Call of Abram: God: Leave your country (Haran) and go to the land I will show you. I will make you a great nation. Journeys from Haran to Shechem to Bethel to Negeb.      
Gen. 12:10-20 Abram pretends Sarai is his sister to Pharoah. How Abram copes with famine. Deceipt. Pharoah suffers plagues, discovers the fraud and sends them away.      
Gen. 13: 1-18 Abram, Lot & Sarai into the Negeb, (where Canaanites lived) with wealth.  Abram & Lot both herders: conflict. Abram tells Lot to pick any land he wants and go there. Lot takes the “well-watered plain of Jordan, near Sodom.” Abram settles in Canaan where God promises Abram all the land he can see and descendants as many as the “dust of the earth.” Abram settles at Hebron. Abram is senior but yields to his nephew, Lot’s preference.    
Gen. 14: Kings of the East make war on Canaan, Sodom & Gomorrah, prevail and take Lot captive. Abram fights them back and rescues Lot. Kings of Canaan, S&G and Salem (Melchizedek) gratefully offer Abram wealth, which he refuses. Abram is a great warrior and does not take the wealth offered.    
Gen. 15:1-18 God’s promise of descendants: “As numerous as the stars.” Abram has acted righteously, but may be tiring of God’s promises. They are meaningless to Abram without an heir and Abram is childless. Abram believed, and God “reckoned it to him as righteousness.”      



See Romans 4.3 & Gal. 3.6 but James 2.23.

Gen. 15:18-21 Abram wants proof. “How am I to know it?” God’s proof is to predict future events (aliens oppressed 400 years, leaving with wealth, returning here in the 4th generation. Promise of land from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates. Sealed by smoking fire pot passing between split animals.

J promises. P promises @ Gen.17 per Oxford.



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