Gen 1-11

Ref Story Words & themes Ref Related Gospel
Gen 1 – 2.3 Creation #1: From a void, in 7 days. It’s all good. chaos, dark & light, separation, Sabbath, good. Let there be…    
Gen. 2.4 – 3 Creation #2: From a stream that watered the earth. No vegetation. Humans needed to till, therefore Adam & Eve. Animals = potential helpers. Fruit eaten, expulsion, curse: outside the garden, toil will be hard. sin, fruit, trees of knowledge and good and evil, serpent (tempter) choices & consequences (expulsion)    
Gen. 4.1-11 Cain & Abel: The eldest (Cain) tills the soil, Abel keeps sheep. God prefers the younger’s offering, sees Cain’s angers & warns about sin: “Its desire is for you but you must master it.” Ignoring the warning, Cain kills Abel. God: “Where is your brother?” (Gen. 3:10 – Where are you?)

Cain must wander. Cannot stay to till the ground. Protected by the mark of Cain.

eldest son falters, sin, expulsion    


Jesus in the wilderness. (Mastering temptation.)


Gen. 4.17- 24 Genealogy by J: From Cain to Noah.      
Gen. 4:25 – 5:32 Genealogy by P: Birth of Adam’s 3rd son, Seth and from Seth to Noah      
Gen. 5:1 – 2 Creation #3: Short summary of #2. Humankind male & female and Genealogy (3-32)      
Gen. 6 – 8 The Flood      
Gen. 9. 1-17 The Covenant/Promise: Power over all animals, but do not eat meat with its blood. Among animals and people, a life for a life. Never again a flood, never again shall all flesh be cut off. Rainbow as a sign.      
Gen. 9:18 Noah curses Ham/Canaan      
Gen. 10 Genealogy by J: (?) Descendants of Noah’s sons from whom the nations spread abroad after the Flood. Shem’s line to Joktan, Peleg’s brother.      
Gen. 11.1-9 Tower of Babel: (Babylonia). God, threatened by human cooperation, achievement and potential, commits sabotage by confusing their language.      
Gen. 11:10-32 Genealogy by P: (?) Descendants of Shem through Peleg, Joktan’s brother, to Abram, Nahor & Haran.      


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